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Pricing, timing and fee proposals

I believe that my pricing is unbeatable by others in the industry. I work from home with low overheads, no complicated admin, no need for marketing or a field assistant in most cases and with an efficiency born of having done hundreds of previous due diligence assessments in the area. Facing a new project, I invariably know the suburb, have data on nearby sites, know what to expect and what Council wants. I have probably completed a previous assessment nearby, so the background work is mostly done, honed over many years into a clear reporting format, well past having any need to be padded with jargon. 

Quotations come as a one-page fee proposal and reports can be completed within a week of the soonest available start date (assuming no delays with receiving any new AHIMS site data). In cases where additional Land Council input is required, any additional timing is external.

If you are interested in a fee proposal, please get in contact and include the details of the request for assessment made by Council, an electronic copy of the proposed plans and any other obviously relevant information.

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