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Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessment (Woollahra Council area)

Following changes to the LEP in 2021, Woollahra Council* requires an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Assessment (AHIA) for most DAs in areas of known or potential Aboriginal heritage sensitivity. To see if this applies to you, Woollahra’s Aboriginal Heritage Sensitivity mapping can be found here:

This applies across much of the Woollahra LGA, with properties being progressively removed from sensitivity mapping layers as a result of an AHIA where no constraints are found. That is, your property should only ever be assessed once and either exempt afterwards or subject to appropriate heritage management. AHIAs must be completed by a qualified Aboriginal cultural heritage consultant in cooperation with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council. I coordinate their involvement and invoicing, maintaining a solid relationship with their heritage team.

Woollahra Council’s AHIA requirements also address legal requirements under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 by following the Due Diligence Code of Practice for the Protection of Aboriginal Objects in New South Wales. The AHIA then provides an additional benefit of forming the basis of a defence against prosecution in the event of any unanticipated harm to Aboriginal heritage.

* Woollahra LGA includes all or parts of the suburbs of: Bellevue Hill, Darling Point, Double Bay, Edgecliff, Paddington, Point Piper, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Watsons Bay and Woollahra.

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